We are living in a society, where a nail that sticks out violently gets hammered down. We’re worried about what others may think, we’re scared about peer pressure and about causing uproars. Even if we feel the urge to act or to raise our voice, we don’t want to destroy whatever happiness we may have gained. Or maybe we are hurting too much to think about acting at all. We have to be in a certain situation of uneasiness, in which we are neither happy nor unhappy, to even consider taking a step forward. We certainly know there is a problem, but are contented with our own little happiness, while time simply marches on …
Inspired by our own inner „despicable cynicism“, a character trait which director Hamauzu could verify in a situation he experienced first-hand, this „problem music video“ is finally available …!
Plot summary (or something like that)
A woman, who seems like she made up her mind about a certain something, rushes to the hairdresser. She probably needed a disguise to put her „big idea“ into action. At the hairdresser, the woman starts to daydream. Strengthening her resolve, she is encouraged by fighting, thinking and conscious fireflies. Eventually however, she does not act and chooses her little everyday joy instead …